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Another year, another rejection

Well it’s that time of year again. Runners around the land awaiting the sound of the postman. Virgin London marathon ballot results. Talk started early this morning when someone commented on Twitter that they had just got their marathon rejection … Continue reading

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What got me started gaming

My very first experience with video games. Was it the SNES? No, was it the NES? No. It was in fact the ‘Sinclair ZX Spectrum128k+2’ Aside from having a name that rolls off the tongue the Sinclair was the daddy … Continue reading

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What weight loss changes will I be making?

Well after my announcement yesterday on my blog of my new short-term weight loss goal, I’ve been thinking what changes should I make? Also how am I going to approach the weight loss? Really its a simple equation; Eat less … Continue reading

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New Twitter

Well finally I was lucky enough to be allowed to play with the new Twitter. What do I think well lets see. The layout is much more improved, it seems that everything has been put on-screen where it’s easily viewed. … Continue reading

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Weightloss goal

Well, it’s really time I start running again. It’s not Long till the London marathon ballot entry announcements are made (third time lucky I hope). So if I’m lucky with the entry I will have to start training ASAP. I … Continue reading

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When I realised I was an old man

  Let me set the scene: Many moons ago, lets say back in the very early 90’s Street Fighter II was released, now I’d played the game in the Arcades on family holidays normally playing as Guile who seemed to … Continue reading

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The World of Sensible Soccer

Back in the early 90’s before the ‘britpop’ urge to learn a musical instrument, there wasn’t really much for teenagers to do. Then Sensible Software released ‘Sensible Soccer’ on the Amiga and the Atari ST and the football gaming world … Continue reading

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