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The good thing about hills, is coming down the other side

The kids came to visit me in the office yesterday, the people in work love seeing them and the kids love the biscuits that they get given. The kids coming to see me at work also meant I could have … Continue reading

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Speedy gonzales, well almost

It’s Wednesday morning, I’m still in bed and my legs are aching. Last night for my run I thought I’d have a go at a short fast session. Off I went, 2 miles ahead of me significantly faster than I … Continue reading

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My weekend 23rd Oct

Well I’ve noticed recently that no one really reads blogs over the weekend. So rather than not post anything I thought I’d add too a post as the weekend progresses. Friday 22nd; End of the working week, Friday was pretty … Continue reading

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Thursday night, short run

With me giving blood yesterday, and suffering with some foot pain the last couple of days, I thought it wise to just go for a short run, really just so my body didn’t forget how to run. Armed with a … Continue reading

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5 months of getting the bus to and from work

In one of my first blogs I talked about how I was going to start commuting to and from work on the bus. Mainly for economic reasons and obviously its good for the environment. Five months on I though I … Continue reading

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Saving someone’s life, not everyone’s cup of tea

Today I’ve got an appointment to give blood. I only mention that I’m a blood donor from time to time to hopefully encourage others to donate. In the past I’ve recruited three new donors. This morning I was greeted in … Continue reading

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Ok so I didn’t run today

But it’s not as if I’ve been lazy. Every other Tuesday my wife finishes later in work, so I’m on daddy duty. This involves me getting two buses to the mother in laws house, collecting the kids then either getting … Continue reading

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