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The eve of my 30th birthday

Well its the 23rd November the eve of my 30th birthday. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a blog about the things I’ve learnt in my 30 years. Today I spent most the day in Liverpool one, looking in … Continue reading

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Sore throat nearly gone

Well I’m blogging again about my sore throat. It’s been just over a week since it started hurting but finally its feeling better. I had a day and a half off the beginning of the week as it felt at … Continue reading

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Geek control pad appreciation

Well I woke this morning and a quick check on endgadget I saw this; After tweeting the link to Twitter a discussion began about controllers and which were the best. In my eyes it has to be the original SNES … Continue reading

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A sore throat

Well its possible I suppose that all my running recently has lowered my immune system. As I’ve got a sore throat, a blocked ear and a sore head. But hey, I still made it to work. Dosed up on strepsils … Continue reading

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My fear

Is it spiders? Baldness? Midgets? No its a fear of gaining weight. Pretty stupid really especially for a bloke. Well I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food. As a kid in primary school I was teased for being big … Continue reading

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No running on sunday

For the first time since I started running again (6 weeks) I’m not out running on a Sunday morning. Ask most runners they’ll probably tell you that Sunday is saved for their longer, slower run of the week. For whatever … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

Since I blogged anything. Really nothing much exciting has happened. Food wise I’ve been poorly disciplined, a pizza and a Chinese. But I did also a couple of nights during the week have salad laden veggie burgers. Tonight for tea … Continue reading

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