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Lovefilm a review

Well it’s been a few months since I signed up for Lovefilm so I thought I’d make a blog with my thoughts on the service I’ve received. Before signing up for Lovefilm I was a Sky Movies subscriber, but getting bored … Continue reading

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Suppose I should blog something

Well let me think, it’s been a week since I last blogged anything. What have I been doing, what have I been up to. I know that’s what you’re all thinking. The answer? Nothing. Well when I say nothing I … Continue reading

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A new regime, slendertone abs.

Today I’ve decided that in addition to my running I’ll include the 4 week slendertone abs program. Slendertone system abs, promises results within 4 weeks following their 5 times a week schedule. After a initial 3 hour charge it was … Continue reading

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My fitness pal

I’ve always been skeptical with the idea of calorie counting. I tried it when I used to lift weights and failed, I’ve even tried and failed a couple of times since I stopped lifting weights and focused on running. It’s … Continue reading

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I enjoyed my Wii last night

Well I did it, I played with my Wii last night. After a system update I booted up super Mario galaxy to carry on from where I was at previously. Quite alarmingly my last save date on the game was … Continue reading

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I’m having a Wii

Tonight while the missus is out I’ve decided I’m going to blow the dust off my Nintendo Wii. I’ve had it for 3 years now and if I’m being honest I’ve hardly used it. I’m ashamed to say that as … Continue reading

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A quick post while bored in work

Not surprisingly I’m bored in work. Killing time really till I start my new job. 17 working days left after today. At the end of last year I posted about my goal for this year of 1000 miles. So far … Continue reading

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