Why am I doing this? (aside from the charity)

A couple of weeks ago I blogged, it was the first blog in a while. It was about my marathon training and the charity that I’m running it for.

As the title of the blog says, aside from the charity why am I doing this?

I don’t know! That’s the answer.

One main reason is the weight loss, the last 5 weeks of serious marathon training I’ve lost 21lbs I mean that’s not down to just running calorie counting has played a major part in it too. admittedly running 25+ miles a week does help burn off a few calories!

I suppose another reason why I’m doing the Liverpool Marathon on October 9th is to prove to myself I can do it. After 4 consecutive rejections in the London Marathon I was happy to get a place in the Liverpool one. However trying to fit in the training around working, family and sleeping really is taking it out of me.

I said to the wife yesterday that I’ll be glad when it’s over, I don’t mind running the race on the day, it’s the coming weeks of further training. I’m looking forward to reducing my distance, maybe skipping the occasional run and most of all, not spending most of Sunday morning out pounding the streets.

I think once this marathon is done, that will be it.. unless come October I get a place in next years London Marathon (maybe)


About Jay McNeill

A Husband, father of twins, who works full time and tries his best to be a good dad, husband, runner and a gamer!
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