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More snow and ice and slush (not the refreshing drink)

Last Sunday I set myself the weekly goal of 40 miles. The plan was to do most of these miles running from home, split across 4 days 10 miles each. Easy! Well that was till I woke up Monday morning … Continue reading

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SNOW and ICE! all is not lost

Yes, we’ve had some snow here in the UK this week. People have been panic buying petrol, in the shops stocking up on batteries, 1000 candle powered torches, milk, cheese and tins of beans. The UK as a whole has … Continue reading

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Bladder update and time for a eye test?

After yesterday’s blog post about my problem with my hydration back pack, I emailed Kalenji and they quickly got back to me this morning, with an email which they said if I printed off their email and took it along … Continue reading

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(insert witty blog title here)

Couldn’t really think of a suitable blog title for tonight’s blog. A number of things. Firstly before I went out on my longer weekend run I noticed that the bladder for my hydration backpack has a very small leak, of … Continue reading

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End of the first week back in work

Well the first week back in work is done. I was going to blog earlier this week, but thought I would have been tempting fate. So thought I’d leave it till the end of the week to pass on my … Continue reading

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Back to work

Tomorrow I head back to work. After 4 months off. The headaches that resulted in me taking time off have thankfully passed. Be that due to the medication, the lack of caffeine and chocolate, the exercise or the weight loss. … Continue reading

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Weight off, and keeping it off

Well it’s Friday and for me that’s a weigh day. Today’s weigh day resulted in a 3 pound weight loss, bringing the total in the 5 weeks to 14 pounds, 1 stone. Which means since I’ve been training ‘proper’ my … Continue reading

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