Weight off, and keeping it off

Well it’s Friday and for me that’s a weigh day.

Today’s weigh day resulted in a 3 pound weight loss, bringing the total in the 5 weeks to 14 pounds, 1 stone.

Which means since I’ve been training ‘proper’ my total weight loss is 2 stone and 2 pounds going from 16 stone 6 pounds to 14 stone and 4 pounds (what I am today). This has taken me since June 2011. There have been ups and downs the lightest I’ve been in this period was October 2011 when I completed the Liverpool marathon I weighed 13 stone 7 pounds.

The problem I face, and I’m sure many others face is keeping the weight from creeping back on. For me, last year I seemed to maintain at 14 stone 6 for 12 months when I wasn’t seriously training for any races. But when my running started to suffer as a result of the headaches that’s when the weight started to go back on. Hence why I’m blogging today and making a big deal about losing a stone!

For me it’s a mental thing, if I can address that problem then I’m sure I can continue through without stressing over calories. But maybe it’s just the way I’m wired. Surely though there must be a way that I can live and relax a little without having to worry about putting on a couple of pounds in weight?

I’ll also quickly add, that I’m still Caffeine and Chocolate free and 4 days Cheese free too.

Back to the motivational tracks and @TheSamMcLeod¬†recommended a little ditty called Rock Star by N*E*R*D . No doubt Sam will be listening to this lots when he starts his New York Marathon Training tomorrow that’s tomorrow Sam!. Good Luck Sam.


About Jay McNeill

A Husband, father of twins, who works full time and tries his best to be a good dad, husband, runner and a gamer!
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