Get some Headspace

Well I mentioned it the other day, I’ve started Meditating.

Meditating has been something I’ve attempted a few times now, and failed. I’ve either struggled with the concept of ‘awareness’ and being ‘mindful’ and found myself drifting off with my thoughts. Or even falling asleep whilst sitting there!

I was introduced to the Headspace App and since then haven’t looked back. It brings about a simple ‘fresh’ approach to meditating. Giving the user a free 10 day 10 minute guided meditation called “Take 10”. It’s really as simple as sitting in the chair listening to the voice and following the instructions.

Of course at first as explained within the app, it’s not going to be easy and you will find your thoughts wandering but that’s OK, the app will help you bring your thoughts back to your breathing and your body. But the experience comes through doing the 10 days.  I remember getting half way through and feeling frustrated because I didn’t feel the session was as ‘rewarding’ as the other sessions and took to twitter to tweet Andy Puddicombe (the founder of Headspace) his response was as follows

“The best type of meditation is where we’re not attached to any idea, result or outcome and are simply willing to be with what is”

Simple! It makes sense!

But it’s not just about “not thinking” and blocking out thoughts. It’s about letting the thoughts come and go so that we feel we’re not over come by them. Once I’d accepted this idea again it seemed easier. This is where I think I’d struggled in the past. I assumed that once I started meditating my mind would be tranquil, with no troubling thoughts. But that’s not the case. With this I’m allowed to approach the thoughts (which don’t seem as many now) in a calm and relaxed manner than I had in the past.

They do explain the ideas behind take 10 and meditating with some really nice and simple animated videos which are available to view on the site linked below and on the app also linked below.

I’ve just completed my second lot of take 10 – so that’s 20 days consecutive of actually taking 10 minutes out of the day, sitting down with no technology (aside from the podcast) and just breathing and being aware of my body. Can I notice a difference? Yes I can. There have been situations the last couple of weeks I feel which I would have reacted differently prior to this app. My wife has also noted a difference in my personality too. Am I wearing robes and sandles and chanting on a daily basis???? don’t be silly!

The Headspace App is available for Android and iPhone and includes the “Take 10” meditation free. Once you’ve completed the Take 10 you can continue onto the other programs, such as “Take 15” etc for a small fee. Or just re-use Take 10 again. The Get_Headspace people are on Twitter also.

This by the way is just me sharing my experience, it’s not a paid review of any sort. As this was recommended to me, I’ve recommended to my wife and a couple of other people in the hope that they’ll gain the same from it as I have.


About Jay McNeill

A Husband, father of twins, who works full time and tries his best to be a good dad, husband, runner and a gamer!
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3 Responses to Get some Headspace

  1. iamkarlie says:

    Great post Jay!! I love meditation, prefer guided meditation every time 🙂

  2. Great post. I particularly like the quote from Andy Puddicombe. I am out of the habit of meditating at the moment but this has inspired me to get back in to some kind of regularity with my practicing.

    Something else I have used as a form of ‘meditating’ in the past is doing barefoot running, or just general barefoot conditioning. I know you are a runner, but not sure whether you’ve tried anything barefoot yet? You don’t literally need to run (it’s probably best you don’t actually) but just practicing standing or walking with barefoot can be really therapeutic. You need to be really present and “willing to be with what is”.

    Just an idea 🙂 Hope it helps in your meditation somehow.

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