Password remembered time to blog!

February 20th was the last time I blogged.. Why the long time since the last blog? Well I don’t know to be honest. I’ve not been busy with anything in particular. I’ve not been working extra hours. There hasn’t been any issues at home that have distracted me away from blogging. I don’t really know what It is.

So really, a quick summary of what’s gone on.

I’m still meditating, been doing that daily think I’m onto day 65 now of consecutive days of that, and I feel it’s still making a difference, I’m still not wearing robes round the house, but if we have a really hot summer maybe they’ll be really comfortable and ‘airy’?

Running.. Yeah still running, anyone that follows me on Twitter or Strava will see the mileage I’m posting/logging, the quest for 1000 miles is going strong and tomorrow (6th of April) I’ll be going out for my 4th 20 mile run of the year. The 20th April will see me run my own marathon distance just for the fun of it, well I say just for the fun of it I got carried away when agreeing to the Strava challenges and signed up for the Marathon Challenge on their site.

Headaches, Still occasionally get the odd little niggles, but nothing on the scale of what I was suffering with and nothing that causes me (at the moment) to take any time off work. So I’m hoping soon to come off the medication that I’m on, the Topirimate. I’ll have to wean myself off them which will probably take another month.

Finally, weight… December 2012 saw me start this adventure, stop caffeine and stop chocolate for 30 days the Neurologist said. I did, I decided to continue that. Easter has been and gone and still no Chocolate or Caffeine. I was 15 stone 4 I’m now 12 stone 6lbs….

Thanks for taking the time to read, I promise I’ll blog again soon, at least once a week.


About Jay McNeill

A Husband, father of twins, who works full time and tries his best to be a good dad, husband, runner and a gamer!
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