New Years Eve, re-discovered my password lets end the year with a blog

April the eve of my unofficial marathon was the last time I blogged. I didn’t even blog to say how that went. How Rude!

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging again for a few weeks now. This morning I had an email from WordPress to tell me my year in blogging. Apparently my blogs about Kinder Egg’s and Headspace were the most viewed blogs.

Suppose I should talk about goals for 2014…. Really I haven’t set any. I suppose all I’ll say is just carry on running. I’ve started a RunStreak which I’m currently on day 4. I’ll just see how long I can keep that going.

I’ve also joined a group “Team Poppyfields Equator Challenge 2014” Plan is to exercise every day, and cover the 33817 miles of the equator. (This should help my run streak plans) Raising money for the Birmingham children’s Hospital Charity. The entrants are at 68 at the moment, they’re trying to get to 100 so if you fancy something different for a challenge, this is worth a look.

So just a short blog, just to say hi. I’ll try to do one a week in 2014.

Happy New Year.


About Jay McNeill

A Husband, father of twins, who works full time and tries his best to be a good dad, husband, runner and a gamer!
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