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A response from Arriva and their rude driver.

Just a quick post just to keep you all updated with the situation going on with my struggle with Arriva Travel. Here I posted about an issue I had with a rude bus driver. Well after a little chasing up … Continue reading

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London 2012 (the year I finally run the London marathon)!

2011 was the year I started and completed a marathon. The Liverpool marathon in October. Not long after finishing this race I got through the door my acceptance letter for the London Marathon. At my fourth year of applying I’d … Continue reading

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A return to blogging

So I’ve been reading, “Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run: My Triathlon Journey from Common Man to Ironman” – by Andy Holgate and it got me thinking that I’ve not blogged as much recently, and the blogs I have posted … Continue reading

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Arriva bus travel, a daily struggle.

A long time ago I think I may have blogged about getting the bus…. in fact I did, here. Anyway, that was a long time ago, since then I’ve changed jobs within the hospital and therefore changed my bus route. … Continue reading

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5 months of getting the bus to and from work

In one of my first blogs I talked about how I was going to start commuting to and from work on the bus. Mainly for economic reasons and obviously its good for the environment. Five months on I though I … Continue reading

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Day 14: A slight change of plans

Well this morning I woke up, not really concerned with work. I was focused on the fact that I was planning on running home from work. I packed my bag, grabbed my lunch (alphabetti spaghetti on toast) and headed on … Continue reading

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Day Three a new me (hopefully)

Well day three of Juneathon. Despite no kids to wake me up I was still awake and up at the usual time 06:30am. I decided to get out and go for a run early on rather than running in the … Continue reading

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