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Weight off, and keeping it off

Well it’s Friday and for me that’s a weigh day. Today’s weigh day resulted in a 3 pound weight loss, bringing the total in the 5 weeks to 14 pounds, 1 stone. Which means since I’ve been training ‘proper’ my … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2013, Running Goals – Nothing cheesy!

Firstly Happy New Year. The other day saw a blog about what I’d achieved in 2012, this today is a blog about what I hope to achieve in 2013. The main goal, again similar to last year and the year … Continue reading

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30 days caffeine/choc free done – 800 miles done?

Today is the final day of the 30 days that the doctor asked me to quit caffeine and chocolate. Have I missed it? No. Am I going to start drinking it and eating it again? No plans to. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Starting from square one

This coming weekend will mark 12 months since I ran my first marathon, also 12 months since I got down to the lightest weight I’ve been for a long time. Since then? Well I’ve added a new PB time to … Continue reading

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2 weeks till London Marathon / Weight loss plateau and other updates

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. #FearTheBeard is well and truly over, just keeping a stubble effect now. My beard was impressive, however the untimely warm weather we had changed my plans about keeping it for the … Continue reading

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Beginning of Feb

Well at the beginning of January I posted a couple of goals for myself with regards to running. Did I make them??????? No…. but it’s not all bad. Ok firstly I set myself a target of 7lbs weight loss. I did think … Continue reading

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wet wet wet, and weight loss

Hey there. Blog update time guys. Today I went swimming, the first swim of the new year. I’m not a strong swimmer in fact I prefer to think of it as ‘drowning with style’ but I’m getting better. Olympiad I’ll … Continue reading

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