Quick catch up.

It’s been awhile since I blogged, so let’s play catch up.

No more cheese since I had the pizza, still saving myself for the pizza on my twins birthday which is on the 12th Feb.

Still running (barely) although I avoided a chest infection I did have a cold which seemed worse than the cold I had at the beginning of the year. I ran a few 5 milers during the week which I felt I struggled with and a 10 miler yesterday (Saturday) in 92 minutes. That run was the best run of the week and definite signs that the cold is all but gone… finally!

Few days off from work now, which is just as well as the last couple of days in work I did start to notice I was getting headaches again in the afternoon. Similar symptoms just not as severe in terms of pain. Nothing has changed with regards to medication or nutrition, the only thing I could put it down to was possible side effects to the cheese on the pizza which I had last Wednesday? I guess with me having some more pizza this Tuesday I’ll tell what happens in the few days after that. But again this just re-affirms the believe that I made the right decision on severely moderating my cheese intake.

Weight wise, I’m now down to 13 stone 2 lbs.

Other than the above there isn’t anything new to report. Well I have started meditating… but I’ll save that for another blog to follow.

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January done, 30 days no Cheese done

We’re through January people. We’re over the post-Christmas slump. We’ve seen off the Resolution gym goers and street runners. Normal service has been resumed.

My 30 day self-imposed cheese ban ended yesterday (well yesterday was 30.5 days) and to celebrate I had a pizza, a Pappa Johns Buffalo Chicken pizza.. It was tasty. But I won’t be rushing back and gorging on cheese, no I’ll stick to moderation. I didn’t really miss it that much, sure I missed the odd helping when it come to my pasta and a slice of pizza now and then. But other than that, as I’ve learnt with chocolate and caffeine it’s not that big a deal. It’s my twins birthday on the 12th of this month and for their birthday tea they’ve asked that we order in from Dominos (bless them, they could only be my sons) so again I’ll leave off the cheese until then.

With January done, and thanks to some incentive from the Strava website I managed to log 162.8 miles for the month, that’s the most I’ve run in a month previous highest was last April at 150 when I ran the London Marathon. So the quest for 1000 miles has started off well.

Towards the end of this week though I’ve started to come down with what feels like a chest infection so the last day or so I’ve been drinking lemsip in the hope I can defeat it before it gets bad. Feeling better today than what I did yesterday so the signs are good.

Weight wise, lost another 4 lbs this week so now I’m down to 13 stone 5.

1st December weight 15 stone 4 lbs.

1st February weight 13 stone 5 lbs.

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More snow and ice and slush (not the refreshing drink)

Last Sunday I set myself the weekly goal of 40 miles. The plan was to do most of these miles running from home, split across 4 days 10 miles each. Easy!

Well that was till I woke up Monday morning and we had more ‘stealth snow’ (thanks @TheGodOfSarcasm) over night so immediately my plans needed adjusting. I took my running gear to work with me with the hope that it would go off during the day and I’d still be OK to run home, but it didn’t. I got a lift home from work and was able to run that days 10 miles after work.

Wednesday I actually had the car for work (a rare occurence) so I decided to split the 10 miles into two 5 mile runs. Awake at 06:30 and out for 5 miles, then back, showered and off to work. Home from work and back out for another 5 miles.

Friday I was getting a lift to work so again I decided to split the 10 miles into two. Set the alarm a little earlier though with the hope of doing a little more than 5 miles. 06:00 I was up and out. -2 the temperature I was in shorts… it was a little cold. I did 7.3 miles. Showered and off to work again. But what happened in work… More snow! Then hail, lots of it which then turned into ice on the pavement. So definitely no more running that evening.

So that left me with 13 miles to run for the 40 target I’d set. I was hoping to go out today (Saturday) and do it, but again we had more snow in the night-time. Come the morning though it had turned mostly to slush. So off I went with the same plan as I had last Saturday, get to the prom and hope for some clear bits of path. Immediately I could tell it was going to be different. More puddles, feet soaked 2 miles in I pushed on. Thankfully a car had driven along the front so I was able to run in its tyre tracks which had cleared the snow (convenient). About Mile 7 saw me briefly up past my ankles in ice-cold water thanks to a massive puddle, but I had no choice but to push on.

Another hour later the run was done, 13.3 miles done…

40.9 miles for the week done!


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SNOW and ICE! all is not lost

Yes, we’ve had some snow here in the UK this week. People have been panic buying petrol, in the shops stocking up on batteries, 1000 candle powered torches, milk, cheese and tins of beans. The UK as a whole has almost come to a shut down because we’ve had a few inches. The schools in my local area decided at 1pm to close on Friday afternoon… yes 1pm!        I think that was more the teachers wanting the early finish more than anything else.

Anyway. Nearly getting carried away with the hysteria myself I did think my long weekend run would be in jeopardy Saturday morning. But after waiting for the sun to come up (mainly so I could see where the patches of ice would be) I went out. It wasn’t that bad. The plan was to head down to the front and run along the Prom, stick with that for a few miles and head back. Thinking that the salt from the River Mersey would have helped keep the footpath ice and snow free (it didn’t) but I also thought that if I’m going to fall then at least there won’t be many around down there to see me do it.

With me on the run I took some shot bloks (citrus) trying these as an alternative to lucozade energy gels. First impressions are good, easier to swallow whilst running, not as messy and taste better.

The running was relatively comfortable, albeit at a slower pace because of the snow and ice, probably a minute per mile slower than what I have been doing recently. What was supposed to be a 10 mile run ended up being a 17 mile run in just over 3 hours. I will also add there were no falls.

That takes this months total mileage to 107 for the month.

I’ve been thinking this weekend and I’ve decided that this coming week I’m going to try to do four runs of 10 miles. Putting me at 40 miles for the week. This is going to mean me doing three 10 mile runs after I finish work. But hey it’s only for 1 week. It’ll also keep the running interesting.

Weight wise, another 3 lbs lost this week. Down to 13 stone 10 lbs now.

(it would have been to obvious had I posted the original)

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Bladder update and time for a eye test?

After yesterday’s blog post about my problem with my hydration back pack, I emailed Kalenji and they quickly got back to me this morning, with an email which they said if I printed off their email and took it along to my Decathlon store I could get a replacement bladder for my pack free of charge. Sorted!

In Friday’s blog post I mentioned about having a few niggles in the head, mainly behind the left eye. For me this is where most of the pain seems to centralise behind and where the headaches start from. Thankfully last week they never developed into full headaches. But again today on occasion (today being my first full day back in work) I had a few twinges behind my left eye. Although I had a number of eye tests while I was off work no one actually told me if I need to start wearing glasses. So I’m considering visiting an optician to rule that out.

Exercise wise, Aside from the running, the last couple of weeks I’ve included the 100 push ups app and a  sit ups app. I’m doing these on the same day as each other with a rest day in between. Though with the 100 push ups I’ve decided to go back to the beginning of week 2 today as I was concerned that the form of the push ups were being sacrificed just for the sake of me getting through the sets.

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(insert witty blog title here)

Couldn’t really think of a suitable blog title for tonight’s blog.

A number of things.

Firstly before I went out on my longer weekend run I noticed that the bladder for my hydration backpack has a very small leak, of course I noticed this as I was about to head out the door! So Out I went with the bag, just without the bladder. Just I used the bag to carry a couple of bottles of water. I thought I should mention this on here seeing as though I blogged a review in December about the product. It seems that I can get a replacement for £8.99 from decathlon. But seeing as though the pack was a gift in November it should have lasted a little longer than a couple of months. I think I’ll email the manufacturer and see what they say first.

About the run. Well it was great, Weather was cold, no wind, nice and clear. I knew what pace I wanted to keep at, I knew what route I was running and the result? I did 15.5 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes… It’s looking possible that I might get the sub 2 hour Half Marathon time in Liverpool this March.

Nothing else that I wanted to add to the post today, other than I remembered another motivational track that used to get me through some runs.

Wolfmother – “Joker and the Thief” Mainly this used to work when I was pounding the treadmills in the local Total Fitness gym chain.

p.s. I know the guy has a typo in the video title.

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End of the first week back in work

Well the first week back in work is done.

I was going to blog earlier this week, but thought I would have been tempting fate. So thought I’d leave it till the end of the week to pass on my thoughts of how the week went.

As I mentioned in my last blog I agreed to a phased return with me working this week half days on light duties, so for me that’s meant 9-12:45 some desk/reception and some clinical work. Nothing to challenging. The hardest part of the working week has been the communication aspect.

A side effect of the medication that I’m on (Topiramate) is confusion and blank moments. For me this causes trouble when having conversations with people, leads me to forget words, what I’m talking about or makes me repeat what I’ve already said. Add this to the fact that the last 4 months I’ve been sat at home on my own for a large part of the day with  just the TV for company. This has made me take a step back at times in the break room. But I’m sure this will pass soon enough.

It’s been good being back, easing back into the routine, I’ve had a few niggles in the head but I’ve been able though to take a couple of minutes out to make sure that they’ve not developed into the headaches that I had suffered with in the past. I think given the information that I’ve been taking in this week (again compared to the last 4 months) it’s bound to result in some niggles in my head and some fatigue etc.

Finishing at 12:45 has also meant that I was able to squeeze in a couple of sneaky runs home from work. Daylight running meant I was able to use the 6 mile run on the Monday and the 10 mile run on the Wednesday.

So that’s the end of the first week back in work. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who asked me during the week how it was going. Next week I’m in 3 full days and 2 half days.

Running wise I’m up to 58 miles for the month.. Oh and wow, well weight loss wise, well stepped on the scales this morning, and it’s been 6 weeks now since I stopped caffeine, chocolate, started eating right, started running like a loon, started this medication. I’ve gone from 15 stone 4 pounds to 13 stone 13 pounds.

I’m also 11 days Cheese free too!

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