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Starting from square one

This coming weekend will mark 12 months since I ran my first marathon, also 12 months since I got down to the lightest weight I’ve been for a long time. Since then? Well I’ve added a new PB time to … Continue reading

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Unofficial Marathon – The quest for the tin foil medal

It’s been a few weeks since the London Marathon, I’ve gone through the usual emotions that a runner does after a race that they’ve been training for. Pain and relief, they’re pretty instantaneous once the race is over. Thoughts of … Continue reading

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2 weeks till London Marathon / Weight loss plateau and other updates

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. #FearTheBeard is well and truly over, just keeping a stubble effect now. My beard was impressive, however the untimely warm weather we had changed my plans about keeping it for the … Continue reading

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Training slump, it’s because I’m lacking a beard!

Yes that’s right you read the title right. It’s 64 days till the London Marathon and the last 7 days have been a training nightmare. Tight chest, struggling to breath, heavy legs and a serious case of can’t be bothered! … Continue reading

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London 2012 (the year I finally run the London marathon)!

2011 was the year I started and completed a marathon. The Liverpool marathon in October. Not long after finishing this race I got through the door my acceptance letter for the London Marathon. At my fourth year of applying I’d … Continue reading

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