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More granola. Fuel 10K, is it any good?

Following on from my previous blog review of Kellogg’s Granola product the guys at Fuel 10k got in touch via Twitter and offered me some granola to try. Being one for a freebie of course I said yes. Two boxes … Continue reading

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Password remembered time to blog!

February 20th was the last time I blogged.. Why the long time since the last blog? Well I don’t know to be honest. I’ve not been busy with anything in particular. I’ve not been working extra hours. There hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Get some Headspace

Well I mentioned it the other day, I’ve started Meditating. Meditating has been something I’ve attempted a few times now, and failed. I’ve either struggled with the concept of ‘awareness’ and being ‘mindful’ and found myself drifting off with my … Continue reading

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Quick catch up.

It’s been awhile since I blogged, so let’s play catch up. No more cheese since I had the pizza, still saving myself for the pizza on my twins birthday which is on the 12th Feb. Still running (barely) although I … Continue reading

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January done, 30 days no Cheese done

We’re through January people. We’re over the post-Christmas slump. We’ve seen off the Resolution gym goers and street runners. Normal service has been resumed. My 30 day self-imposed cheese ban ended yesterday (well yesterday was 30.5 days) and to celebrate … Continue reading

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More snow and ice and slush (not the refreshing drink)

Last Sunday I set myself the weekly goal of 40 miles. The plan was to do most of these miles running from home, split across 4 days 10 miles each. Easy! Well that was till I woke up Monday morning … Continue reading

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Bladder update and time for a eye test?

After yesterday’s blog post about my problem with my hydration back pack, I emailed Kalenji and they quickly got back to me this morning, with an email which they said if I printed off their email and took it along … Continue reading

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